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What should I take for over reacting and anger?

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LaurieShay 22 Jun 2011

Hey buddy,

It really depends on the source of the anger. I highly recommend an anger management type course. You might be able to find one at the local mental health department. If not, you could try private counseling with a therapist.

There are numerous medications that could help. As to which one, it really depends on whether your anger is mania related, depression related, or anxiety related. The medication that keeps coming to mind is Depakote. It helps with the manic phase of bipolar disorder. Other medications that may help you include Abilify, Geodon or Lamictal. Again these medications help with the mood swings of bipolar disorder. If your anger is more anxiety or depression related then you might benefit from one of the antidepressants that also treat anxiety such as Lexapro, Paxil or Zoloft.

See there are just so many options as far as medications, that it really depends on the source of your anger. Having a proper evaluation by a psychiatrist maybe the first place to start.

I've rambled a bit here, but want to encourage you to seek professional help. Anger is an emotion that covers up other emotions. Getting to the root of the cause of the anger is extremely important and medication can't do that for you. You have to be willing to examine yourself and change behaviors. Medication can help but won't make the ultimate changes in your behavior.

Willing to listen if you need to talk,


Inactive 22 Jun 2011

buddy243, could you give a little more info. Just from what you have said, maybe anger management therapy, to learn self control. I'm just reaching here, not knowing what you mean by over reacting or anger. Does every thing set you off or just certin things? free discount card

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