I have already posted a longer history of m y chronic pain in a different question, so I won't take up a whole page talking about it, but here is the long story short. I suffer from extreme nerve damage in my esophagus and vulva (vulvadynia). I have had these conditions for about 5 years and they have gotten progressively worse as time has worn on. I have been seeing a pain specialist for the last year and I have finally found a med regimen that helps me make it through the day on a pseudo-functioning level. (Before this, I was in so much excruciating pain all of the time, I couldn't work at all, I just barely graduated college, as I was hanging on by a thread, I couldn't stand being around even the people I love because I was so irritable, ect... anybody with sever chronic pain knows the drill.) Anyways, now I am on regimen of taking 120mg of methadone a day, along with a cocktail of everything else I need to be on. I was taking hydrocodone (15mg-30mg) for breakthrough pain in the beginning, and that worked for a while. But my body adjusted to the drug, and it stopped working, even at higher doses. So I started taking oxycodone (15mg-30mg) for the breakthrough pain, and that worked for a number of months, but eventually my body adjusted to that as well. Subsequently, in the past month I have tried taking a combo of hydrocodone and oxycodone and hydromoprphone (4mg-12mg). Neither of those drug options have worked at all. So basically I am sliding back to where I was in the beginning. I see my doctor in a couple of weeks and I think we going to try morphine as the next step. I really hope it works, but until then I will be sweating out the "bad days."
Just as a little background info, my family has a history of having an extremely high tolerance to drugs. My whole life, I have always had to take about double the normal dose (or more) of almost every drug I have been prescribed. The methadone has helped because it has brought my daily living from being a 9-10 everyday on the pain scale to about a 7-8 everyday. On really good days, I can get down to about a 6. But on the bad days I am back up to a 9 or 10. These are the days that I take other pain killers for the break though pain.
So does anybody have any medical suggestions for the days that I am experiencing the very high levels of pain? (I say medical, because I already do all the non medical stuff like meditating and supplements.)