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What should I look for if I think my child is abusing oxycodone?

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mpvt 11 Feb 2010

Buy a opiate tox screen from a pharmacy and get him to do a urine sample. If he is living in your home then you have every right to do this if you suspect he's abusing drugs. Believe me if you think he's abusing then you are probably right. The opiates stay in his system for 3-5 days minimum. So if you think on a particular day he's using drugs then test him the next day... Good luck and lets both hope that he's not involved with this stuff... Dave

Robert_325 12 Feb 2010

Dave is right about the drug test. Any pharmacy will have them. You don't need the most expensive test they have in stock. Any urine analysis test will detect oxycodone. Buy a simple 5 panel test. It will check for marijuana, cocaine, opiates (oxy would be in this category), benzodiazepines and amphetamines. That will cover the majority of recreational drug use that most people are involved in. Tests like this are not expensive, but I wouldn't buy the cheapest one they have. It should be about $20-$25 for a basic test. You can get the ones where you send off for results from a lab or one that will give you an answer within minutes. Those will be a little more expensive but would be worth it to me to know the answer right then.

If he gets mad and threatens to leave or whatever he is definitely using. Just approach it the right way that you want to prove to yourself that he "ISN'T" using, making it sound more positive than a loss of confidence or trust in him. Try to avoid a battle, but you could be saving his life if you're right. And like Dave said, if it's obvious enough that you are picking him off your guess is likely accurate.

It's not the end of the world if he's using. Don't freak out if that's the case. I would be more than willing to help you with a plan to help you/him if your suspicions are correct. Of course we all hope you're wrong and that he is clean. But this is how you can find out once and for all for sure. There is nothing wrong with making sure your son is clean. You could be saving his life is you're correct. Please let me know how it works out. I'll keep your son and you in my prayers. He's young and has his whole life. Let's get this taken care of while he has time to make changes that will greatly impact his future. Let me know how I can help you. free discount card

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