I am thinking about asking my neurologist the next time I see him.That I just went to the hospital the other day and now have a serious back condition that causes me severe pain and I think I would benefit better.If I were to go to a pain mangement specialist for my pain and here for my other health problems.Do you think that is a good line to say??It always says when I am in his office on the tv.If you need to be reffered to another specialist please let your doctor know.The people at the hospital said I'm still real young and don't think I need to go there yet.I think I do and also they gave me 12 lortabs and told me I should follow up with my PCP.My PCP isn't going to prescribe me the lortab from the hospital.I don't know about some of them people in the ER sometimes.They all seem like they are just horseplaying alot.Well I really need advice on how to get into pain management and what is the best way to do it.

Thanks arcanoidcyst16