I have been on methadone for almost 4 mothns. I got up to 80mg stayed there for about 2 weeks than i was ready to start to come down. I came down 10mg and 5 mg a week and got to 15mg and then had decided to quit cold turkey, due to financial reasons and the the drive to the my clinic took me 30 min there and 30 back, just got to be alittle overwhelming and costing us so much money. Im on day 4 and have been doing pretty good, i guess. I hear all these horror stories but havent yet experienced them all , and i think its due to me only being on it for 4 months and the posts ive ready have been about people on it for YEARS... do i have a lot to worry about quitting 15mg cold turkey.? What do i need to expect ect? I have had chills pretty bad, and no appetite , my legs get a little rest less and i cant get comfortable!! please someone inform me if the days are gonna get worse or what? im clueless, got no information from the clinc. Help!