I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder. I was diagnosed in 2008 at the hospital from what I had feared was a heart attack. I was distraught and of course freaked out at the doctor when he gave me the news, apparently due to anxiety. Before I tell you the extensive search for the right medications, I must tell you that if there is a side effect, I will have it. I do not have an addictive nature and absoulutely hate taking medications. I was originally placed on Lexapro and Ativan but after about six months, I took myself off of them. I have been tried on Paxil combined with Buspar and of course I experienced several side effects but the worst was a 20 pound weight gain within a few months. Now the doctor is placing me on Doxepin and Klonapin. I have read up on both of these meds and of course, the Doxepin makes you gain weight as well. I had told the doctor that I didn't want to take a daily medication but he said that I would not be able to get meds such as Klonapin, Ativan or Xanax without them. Again, I don't like taking medications, do not have an addictive nature and the medications that I take for anxiety/panic attacks at the moment do not harm me because I do not take them on a regular basis. I don't know what to do and thought maybe someone out there has been in a similiar circustance and could give me some advice. I have not filled the new prescriptions yet because I need to make some decisions first. I feel like it is a decision between having a pure out heart attack from my anxiety/panic attacks or suffer from the medications. Please help.