Four months ago my Dr. prescribed Azor (a different dosage every month) of which I never took because I always felt as though I was too young to be on blood pressure medicine. As of recently my readings have been 140-188/84-112. I was also taking Phenchrom at the time of which is the reason I was initially prescribed Azor to regulate my blood pressure. A couple weeks ago I took my first dose of Azor (5/20) w/ the Phenchrom and I felt horrible, imbalanced, lightheaded w/ a bp reading of 162/112. I then contacted my Pharmacist and my Dr. of which she explained to me to strop taking the Phenchrom but I was so focused on wanting my weight first, thinking that would decrease my bp significantly, so I continued to with the Phenchrom w/out the Azor. A week later after having a headache and checking my bp again I decided I needed to get the bp under control immediately! So I took the higher dosage Azor 10/40 w/out Phenchrom... it was hard for me to sleep, I had/have something of a pressure headache (it's not a pounding headache but a nagging headache like if you haven't had sleep in days or a tension headache), I felt/fell drained and tired like I'm almost sleepy but I'm not! HUHHHHHHHH!!!

Now on to my question... the fact that I took the 1st Azor 4wks ago and the other 2 doses on the 16th and 17th of this month... would it be safe to go back to the lower dosage and to continue taking that for 30 days to see if it works for me or is it not safe to take a lesser dosage after only just 2days of the 10/40???