I have very tender skin annd my bones ace all over.icant even touch one leg to another.it even hurts to walk.i have been taking ms cotin and this just isnt working.i havean appt with a new dr.how do i approach the dr about changing my pain meds?keep in mind that ive had a hrd time getting a dr.to treat me because of previous drug screans.no i didnt use.it was second hand smoke they arent buying it.a few drs.in the er have.but its convencing the new dr.also when i was on durageesic patches 1 dr knew that the fentynl could cause positive drug screens.but the new dr. just gave me a hard time period.didnt even weenn me down but cold cutme off.now my skin is so tender and i can hardly walk.this is my final chance.i suffer from migrains as well& i was n a bad car accident & have rods & plates in my hip and arms.please someone help!