I am a single mom of 3 i was severly beaten with a baseball bat in my back in 04 I went until 09 until i had surgery by that time my spine grew calcium spurs into my spinal colum causing severe siatica i had a fusion L5 S1 in 09 I now have my c5 severly bulged and severe spasms and pain. i struggle every day but still work. i refuse to give up. I bought my medication for 2 years cash and now I cant do it anymore. I am getting surgery again in feb and I had stopped taking oxycotin for 4 mos. however, i will need to use it again after this surgery i have 4 fusion that will be done at once including my neck. I need a assitance program from purdue that manufaturers oxy to help me at least pay some of the bill. can anyone direct me to a contact that can possibly help?