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What prescription shows up on a drug screen? And does it matter if I have the bottle from the pharm?

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Inactive 28 Sep 2011

Hi Norwood25,
Yes, if you take your prescription bottle with you to show that you are legally taking a medication you should be in the clear!!
Most UA's (if I understand it correctly) test for opiates (like OxyContin and Vicodin) and benzodiazapines (like Xanax or Valium) and other drugs like Marijuana.
But if you are prescribed a medication you cannot be penalized for that.
But wait for more answers, I'm not an expert on drug screening.
Best wishes,

arcanoidcyst16 28 Sep 2011

Nope as long as it is legally prescribed by a doctor or medical professional.You should be fine!! free discount card

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