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What pain pill starts with a K?

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dmfdjttor57 5 Nov 2010

Kadian, which is Morphine, is one that I know of. There may be many others.

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Inactive 5 Nov 2010

Impressive Dede!!!

dmfdjttor57 5 Nov 2010

thanx love, glad to hear some good things about the Topomax, hope it helps, have you tried looking up the sleep aid on this or any other site? Those new drugs always scare me too.

Inactive 6 Nov 2010

Maso got the info for me, ain't I lucky? Didn't have to look it up!

sarah in denver 5 Nov 2010

Dilaudid also has a K on one side and is a good pain reliever, just be careful with it.

midwestma 6 Nov 2010

hello hawkmom05,

I'm currently taking a medication called "Kadian", I hope this is what you're looking for? Just out of curiosity, because there are so many meds that can begin with the letter "K", might there be a reason you're asking this question? Please don't be 0ffended by my question, I'm just nosy by nature, and if you don't feel like answering , no hard feelings.

My best to you, God bless always,

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