I have been in pain for 3 years. Luckily, it was just a torn/DDD L5/S1 disc and has gotten better with time, but extreme tightness and the feeling of having 150 pounds strapped to lower back during flare-ups is still an occasional issue.

I know I am fortunate, as the pain is only a constant 3-4. I do not take any pain medication. The flares occur once or twice a month at a level of about 6-7 and last for about half a day.

I am finding that the flares are wearing me down some. It is not that they are THAT bad, it is just the 3 years of constant pain. Funny how a couple points on the pain scale can seem like night and day, but they do in my case.

I have taken pain medications in the past, when I initially injured it, but only for about a month. I found that Oxycontin was totally ineffective; Vicodin at 10mg took the edge off. I have a pain management doctor and have had ESIs and RFA (two-level), but to no avail. After my RFA, I tried one dose of 15mg Vicodin (3 15mgs), but that did not help my base pain, so I'm thinking Vicodin may not be effective enough for me, either.

So really I am where most chronic pain sufferers want to be -- handling occasional flare-ups. What would be recommended to assist in flare-ups? I want something that would act immediately and effectively. Again, I would only be required to take something about once or twice a month.

My initial research indicates quick release morphine: Oramorph or Sevredol.