I have a history of Post traumatic Stress Disorder. I was a witness to a horrible car accident where a woman was killed and I was covered in her insides (sorry if thats graphic) I was 15 years old when this happened and I went from an outgoing young girl that was a model and an athlete to a depressed and unmotivated child with nightmares flashbacks and much more. Along with the PTSD I got terrible Insomnia. I was on effexor till 2008 (accident was 2004) but my sleep problem never got better. My psychiatrist perscribed me Trazadone which only worked for a few months, Amatryptaline same thing, along with other anti-depressants and nothing worked. Finally I was prescribed Zopiclone (immovane) I started taking 1/2 a pill per night now 7 years later I take 4-5 7.5 mg of zopiclone and have become dependent and developed a high tolerance to this medication(hence the high dose). In Canada there’s almost no insomnia medications Starnoc is off the market and we do not yet have any of the meds that the us has for ex lunesta, ambien cr (almost the same as zopiclone) we do have clonazapam etc but they’re all benzos and addictive to. Mirtzapine doesn’t do much and seroquil (quetiapine) has worked to put me to sleep at 400mg along with my 4 zopiclone. The zopiclone if I don’t take it I wake up every 45 mins and then get panic attacks and am very volatile and irritable. I’m sick of asking doctors for help or what medication they recommend. I’m frustrated and sick of lying to the doctors and pharmacies about why I’m picking up my meds early. If anyone knows or has any ideas please let me know. I will soon get another psychiatrist and recently had a qeeg test which is a neurological test looking and brain connections to give more idea of therapy. I’m addicted to the zopiclone but there’s no other options and its ruining my life.