... among other things a closed head injury. Deep in the brain where temperture-time- math- and the likes are located. My profession was P.T. so have a small amount of knowledge. Since 2001 have lost all drive- motivation- can't focus-stay on task- finish projects- an anti-depressant prescribed cause a 45 lb weight gain in 3 mos. Never have dropped the weight. Tried everything. Talked M.D. into a diet pill. Never really lost much weight in the 3 mos. you're allowed to take it, BUT slowly awoke from the living dead. Or that was how I felt. Could think clearly-stay on task. saw all the projects started not finished- could look at my file cabinet which before the MVA was kept where I could put my hands on whatever I needed, to a hodge podge mess. I got to where nothing was important anymore I didn't care if I lived or died. Death looked inviting. I did not realize how bad it was till I was put on the diet pill. I wanted to finish the projects started- I could think clearly again- I cared again- I felt again. We my M.D. an I felt ADHD meds maybe what I need. My brain I feel quit producing some chemicals. She prescribed Ritalin. In a week I was worst than before taking the diet pill. Sleeping 18 hrs a day - anyway read adderall may help me. Please tell me what you think. Life is not worth living as it is today. For a short time I felt alive again able to think and had the drive to complete task I had ignored some for years. Poor decisions I'd made became obvious and clear. I do not want to go back to a life with no passion, drive, motivation or joy. Please help me. Putting together something for my M.D. I know they have little time in this day and age to think outside the box. Hell, most won't if they could. Most M.D.'s don't care enough anymore. PLease help me