i tapered off zoloft for me Prozac and zoloft made me worse.I tapered off lyrica now when I see dr wed. I can discuss my pain meds.ultram,soma,hydrcodone.no dr. Told me to stop these but because off all the stress I was worried that every time I got something ,ie.zoloft,Prozac ,inhaler,stomach aide,I had very bad reactions.I have a lot of diagnosed pain related problems but I want to make sure I am ok for my husband.sometimes when things got bad I couldn't wait for next med dose I knew it would calm me down.it hardly ever does calm me and after 8years on same dose they really don't do the job sometimes not at all.I will not take anything stronger even if he offers.after being sober 22years it was hard for me to start with drugs but they were never my thang till recently.alcohol was my love.if I get some rest maybe that will help but being an addict I would love any and all opinions.if you need dose and mgs its 1 soma 350 4-6 hrs 1ultram 50 mg 4 to 6 hrs1 hydrcodon10/325 4-6 hrs mostly 3 times a day.thoughts?.The zoloft Prozac my idea to take the lyrica I have swollen lips after 75mg dosage but it is a great drug for pain if your tongue doesn't swell up to much.ha ha