I used to be prescribed 120 30mg roxicodone per month. I have moved and changed states and doctors and the spine Dr. I see now, began prescribing me 180 10/325 mg percocets per month. Has since decreased that amount by 10 per month until now i receive only 40 Percocet 10/325 and 60 tramadol per month. I am in such pain that it is common for me to take 10 or 12 OTC meds in addition to my prescriptions. Such as tylenol, ibuprofen, naproxen etc. Because of past bleeding in my stomach and ulcers, I am told not to take nsaids, However, due to my pain, i have felt i have had no other choice. I take so much tylenol that i well exceed the daily limit. My back Dr. says we should fix my problem not mask it, yet it's not fixed NOR masked. What do i do? what should i take that will be safer that all the otc meds? The roxicodone worked very well for me, and NO, i didn't start out at 30mg doses. But one every 6 hours was all i needed to control my pain.
for the last year or so, I've had on and off nausea, vomiting and diarrhea that will last for days and occur many times through out the day.
I had some blood work done recently because i was so sick, every time i would eat. My liver to my surprise looked fine, however my kidneys were out of whack. My potassium levels were pretty high and she wants to refer to me to GI specialist.. She's concerned all the meds are affecting my kidney function. I am going to be referred to a pain management doctor, because the spine doctor just isn't able to help my pain any more with injections and burning nerves etc in my back... plus it scares me every time he does it.
What is the safest narcotic pain relief considering my stomach and kidney issues? Is it safer to take the roxicodone, vs the ones with the Tylenol?
Please help...