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What narcotic pain reliever is there without Acetominafen?

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mpvt 10 Mar 2010

Oxycontin which is sustained release, ms contin which is also sustained release, Opana, time released. There are some quick release opiates that don't have tylenol in them, codeine, oxycodone (roxicodone),Dilaudid. So there are all kinds to choose from. Hard part is qualifying for them and then getting a doctor to prescribe them... Good luck..Dave

sandie_j_alice 10 Mar 2010

Advil has ibuprofen as the main ingredient and does not contain acetametaphen. good luck.

fenix7 10 Mar 2010

Something a little less potent but still narcotic would be Vicoprofen (Hydrocodone/Ibuprofen.)

Oxycontin/codone may be a bit overkill depending on your pain.

desera45 11 Mar 2010

according to what your pain is and what part of the body its in you can figure what tpe of meds to take,i have degenertive bone and joint disorder and a cracked hairline disk,no matter what i take it doesnt do any good,and the fibromyalia goes alonw with the depression,the more depressed the more i hurt', so narcotics really dont help.i even use a tens unit for the pain in my back free discount card

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