Hello everybody, I thank you for taking time to look at this question and for providing any useful information!
First of all i am 23 years old and i have recently become a father to a little boy. My son, my fiance, and my well being are the reasons im seeking help! I have tried seeking medical advice on this situation and it seems that the problem is so bad in the area that it is impossible to get any type of treatment! I have tried every number in the book and the only facility i found without an everlasting waiting list didn't accept my health insurance.So i have taken this matter into my own hands and yet this isn't the best source of advice any little bit helps! I have been researching this matter for the last 2 days and i think i have the basics down! I just need some experienced advice for my situation. Seeing how every situation i've seen is a little different than mine. I am mentally ready to quit i do not want this in my life anymore! Now for some insight on my problem.
I have been using oxycodone for about 2 1/2 years. I started using at about 20 and after that first use i was hooked. Not physically but psychologically. When i first started using I snorted low mg doses just enough to get high! I stuck with the lower mg oxycodone for about the first year. Anywhere from 10-30 mg a day mixing oxycodone 5mg,7.5mg, and 10mg tablets. I even pushed it to the max a couple time and got sick from doing so much. I did this for a little under 2 years! Then my son was born and i decided that it was time to grow up and kick the habit! So i quit cold turkey for a about 2 weeks and then relapsed cause a friend brought it around! This happened about 4 times in a 6 month period and cost me 4 jobs including the job i had been at since i was 17. During this time i also tarnished my name which was golden before this problem occurred. But back on track, every time this would happen the mgs i would take would get higher and higher until i am now up to 30-100mg a day of oxycodone! Usually snorting 30mg oxycodone tablets at least 1 on a bad day and 3 on a good day. Sometimes using 40 mg of oxycotin if oxycodone wasn't available. I have been doing 30-100mg of oxycodone a day for about 3 months. I have recently decided that no matter what it takes i am ready to rid this drug from my life!
Through this terrible process i have managed to get another great job which makes it impossible to quit cold turkey without losing my job or relapsing. So 4 days ago i bought 2 8mg suboxone! I was told this would help ween me off of opiates if taken correctly. Remember i tried to get medical attention for months and had no success.For the oxycodone mg i was on I was told to take 1/4 sub for about 4 days then take 1/8 sub for 3 days then take 1/8 every 2 days for 6 days then to stop everything! I am on my fourth day and i took 1/8 this morning before work and had the cold chills by the time i got off! This caused a craving and i was able to fight that craving off and take another 1/8 of a sub. I have not experienced this the first 3 days? Should i stay at 1/4? I have also been reading if subs are taking when not needed they can just dig you deeper in the hole or give you an even worse addiction than you already have! Should i even be taking subs or is my problem to little for such a strong medication? Are there any other options that i didn't mention that would help? I want to just quit cold turkey but i have a family to provide for and bills to pay and i know i couldn't withstand the w/d at work! I also don't wanna end up with an worse condition or back on oxycodone. I know my addiction is minute compared to some but it is big for me and the people around me. I have just started this suboxone process and need to know what i should do before it is too late! It just seems this is a better option than opiates but i don't wanna be dependent on any substance anymore! Anyone with information that could help with me turning my life around would be highly appreciated! Thank you and i hope i get as much help as i have seen others get with their problems on here! If i left any useful info out that can help determine my situation just let me know and i will tell you! I will check this thread at least twice a day! But as for tomorrow planning on taking 1/8 sub in the am! Please respond asap!