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What meds are good for panic attacks and depression?

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Inactive 17 Jun 2011

Hello mroche. Well, in answer to your question, there is a selection out there to say the least. Several come to mind, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Testoril, Paxil, Lexapro to name a few. All will vary in regards to side effects., combinations and doses. It also of course depends on your diaignosis.Ask your pharmacist, or prescribing physician, they are there to help you. Best wishes to you.

caringsonbj 17 Jun 2011

Pledge you have covered about all of the bases the only other thing I can think of is drugs like the Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Librium and Valium) and of course there are the older antidepressants the amitriptyline drugs Mroche I wish you the very best...

Inactive 17 Jun 2011

Hello Billy. Nice to see you. I'm smiling because I just read your comment about the benzos. Thats another world of its own. ha! Its true though isn't it, psychiatric drugs have come very far, in the past thirty years or so. Yet, I'm smiling (ha!) how come I'm still plucking away at it if these drugs are so advanced? I find that the biggest difference is that the newer drugs, tend to have and I'll put in in caps A LOT less adverse effects versus the older or at least some of the older medications. And the doses in todays drugs are more broken down. It used to be 50mg and 100mg... today, its often 10, 20 25 and then 50mg. etc etc. Time released the xr capsules, did not exisit in much of the older medications. Well, I've begun to write another chapter, be well Billy, stop by for a cup of tea, theres always room for a good chat or conversation.

LaurieShay 17 Jun 2011

Hey mroch,

As pledge has said, there are numerous meds that treat both panic attacks and depression. The following link lists the top 20 drugs for your condition:

Many of the medicines listed are antidepressants as well as antianxiety meds. The ones listed as serotonin reuptake inhibitors and serotonin/ norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are both antidepressants and anti panic attacks medications. This is a very treatable condition with lots of choices as you can see. Some of my favorites are Lexapro, Paxil, Zoloft, and Celexa. I take Pristiq and Wellbutrin with continued success.

Hope this helps,


Inactive 17 Jun 2011

Nice to see you also Laurie. Your favorites are mine. Well some of them. :-0) I've been on Paxil since I had some trouble withn the cymbalta, and guess what? Yup, snack attacks galore. Talk about munchies. Unreal. I'm watching it closely. On two meds that are direct villans, in as much as weight gain. Drinking lots of water, eating fruit, and yup... still hitting the sweets. Thinking out loud, it might be interestting to say the least, to open up a new question, how medication, plays a role in our daily lives. How it effects our moods, sleep, eating, being able to drive, various habits, it would make for alot of feedback, ideas, seeing how we all cope in our worlds. Irregardless of what the med might be. We'd all be posting up a storm ha! And thanks for the link in your answer, be well and best wishes.

LaurieShay 17 Jun 2011

Hey pledge,

Watch those sweets they might strick back, lol. Medications do seem to have much control in our lives on this site. I must say that your idea of discussing how they do that would be very lengthy to say the least. I try not to think too much about the side effects on my daily life cause the benefits out weigh the negatives. One of the side effects that really urks me is the profuse sweating, but then again it has been 100 degrees here now hasn't it.
Oh well... have a good one Pledge.


kkellie 17 Jun 2011

Please try all the ssri's and anything else you can at all of the doses and give it a month each time because starting benzos can cause major problems down the road. Sometimes the best answer is a dual anti anxiety and depression like zoloft (given that you have given it time to work) and counseling. Just spboth zoloft and a benzo so I dont look down on it just hope your journey doesn't HAVE to take you there
all my love

Inactive 17 Jun 2011

mroche913, I think everyone had covered it. I have panic attacks and depression, after trying several diffrent meds, I finally ended up on Lexapro and xanax, this is working very well for me. But we are all diffrent so what works for me may not be what is right for you. Just get with your doc and start there. Good luck.

Inactive 18 Jun 2011

Cymbalta covers both at the same time. I am on 90mg and its a good dose. I don't need my klonopin anymore in the afternoon and my depression is doing well. Please talk to your doctor about getting on it.

rachelrowe333 11 Oct 2011

I have servere panic disorder and my celexa, klonopin, invega, buspar, ativan and propranonol are not doing the trick. I am at my wits end with the panic attacks. Would you recommend cymbalta over celexa?

Inactive 11 Oct 2011

yes yes yes Im on Cymbalta it does help w my anxiety a lot where i dont even have to take an extra anti anxiety pill during the day.

RESPIGHI 19 Jun 2011

For me, ativan works great for panic attacks. Klonopin is longer acting but just didn't do the trick for me. For me cymbalta seems to be working good for depression. I still get depressed but don't reach those really low lows. I've heard great things about. Wellbutrin so i'll be starting that next week. Best of luck free discount card

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