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What medicine prevents excess salivation for MG patients? Cellcept, prednisone or mestinon?

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marjorie zych 9 Jun 2010

An excellent drug to dry things up a little is Hyoscyamine (aka--Levsin, Hyomax) it works for many things but one of the big things about it is it drys you out alot. I take it for other issues but that is a big one for this drug. You may want to ask about it when you see your doctor next time or give the doctor a call, very little side effects other than the one you are actually looking for. Hope this helps you and good luck. marjorie zych

SiCroy 9 Jun 2010

I don't know and it was never a problem that was addressed or really acknowledged by the doctors. I think I was so happy to be diagnosed i didn't ask and just assumed it was part of it. There are so many different symptoms you aren't always told about though. My eyes used to stream tears all night and block my nose. But the salivation REALLY bugged me. I was lucky in that my symptoms dropped to only being quite minor. There's always the hope the symptoms might disappear or get milder.

mediatrix 10 Jun 2010

thanks i will speak with the doctor within the weak .

mediatrix 10 Jun 2010

oh, i will inquire from the doctor within this week

mediatrix 10 Jun 2010

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