I know everyone is different and I'm sure to get several different answers but I'm curious as to what has worked for people with strong anxiety and panic attacks. I was on Paxil for several years worked great however I was always tired and lazy and gained weight throughout the years. I tried to work the weight off by joining a gym and dieting and it wasn't comming off. I was informed this most likely is due to the medication so the dr. suggested we could try something new. I started taking Zoloft now have been on it alone without the paxil in my system for about a week. My appetite is gone I get sick feeling and my anxiety has really sky rocketed. I want to give this drug a chance however I can't stand living with anxiety/panic attacks. Im scared I'm going to fall back to my old roots and not be able to work or leave my house and I DON'T want it to get that way again. Any suggestions on what may work better or if Zoloft has worked for others and how long till the anxiety goes away?