... unsucccesful surgeries??After 20 some odd years with the same Dr. , he decided to no longer care for me.Due to my inability to be able to keep scheduled appts.I tried on numerous occassions to explain how there are days when I wake knowing I need to be somewhere but cannot make myself get up and ready due to pain,confusion,depression,etc.No matter how hard I try I cannot make it on time anywhere.I do not do this to make a spectacle of myself ,nor to make an entrance I am not that vain.The shame everyone speaks of is like a constant elephant on my shoulders.I did in fact try on the occassional time he had asked if it was in fact a problem getting places how it was,on several occassions I have even gotten lost going places I have been hundreds of times before.I really cannot explain what happens all I do know is that I will suddenly realize that the route I am on is unfamiliar.How I have goten there is beyond me.I would like to find one Dr. That would care for everything rather than have to go to several specialists.Any Suggestions??