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What medication is white, round, and no enscription?

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Plain Jane 27 Jun 2011

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ID any pill online without an imprint. All prescription and OTC drugs in the US are required by the FDA to have an imprint.

Your pill could be a vitamin, a diet/herbal/energy pill, or an illicit or foreign pill.

red1981 1 Jul 2011

would it help to tell you that it is very thin. like paper thin. i have never seen a pill so thin. could it be aspirin??

Plain Jane 3 Jul 2011

If it is really thin then it is most likely to be a orally dispersible tablet of some type. (i.e. one that disolves in your mouth)

Your pharamcy might be the best bet for an id as without an imprint I still can't help you free discount card

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