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What medication,in the opiote family would you recamend for chronic pain>?

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Inactive 5 Aug 2011

mtiger, I don't know what kind of pain you have or if you are on any pain meds now. I would suggest you talk to your doc about your pain and he should be able to make that decision. Diffrent meds work for diffrent pain and also everone is diffrent. Please talk to your doctor. Good luck Von-1

caringsonbj 5 Aug 2011

every person is different and has different needs there are long acting drugs such as MS Contin, Oxycontin, Fentanyl patches, and I take the extended dose of Opana 40mg. 1 tablet I take about every 8 hours, I have had problem with neuromusclar system due to problems caused by Polio, last winter we had a terrible Ice storm I had to get out and caught a fall I did fracture 4 vertebraes and a disc in my back, I had a really difficult time I couldn't get any sleep at night, I didn't care about eating, I have been fortunate to fid this I am also on Norco for breakthrough pain but I don't have to take many because this does a good job of relieving that type of pain as well, It is my sincee hope that you find a medication that gives you the same kind of effect, it's not so much a matter of what the drug is it's the ability to give you the best form of relief. What can work for one person does not always do the job for you but I just wanted to throw some names out and that you can look up I hope that you are your doctor are able to have an open discussion and find a medicine that gives you much better relief. free discount card

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