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What medication can I take for a tooth infection?

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leebeached 18 Apr 2011

you need to go the the dentist or your md to get antibiotics. there are some good gels that help numb the pain but if the infection becomes an abscess nothing will help. Warm salt water rinses help- make sure you floss and brush well in case a food particle has gotten lodged in a tooth crack or under the gum and if you can get it out a beginning irritation may resolve and it wasn't an infection after all. I hope this helps and good luck. tooth problems are no fun!!

bipolar4life 18 Apr 2011

hi i am having a major tooth prob too it stinks doesnt it tooth pain is like the worst i think and believe me i live with pain in my other disorders everyday and nothing compares to the aggrivating and pain u feel as a tooth this is what i did with some support from here i went out and bought "SENSODYNE" tooth paste put some gobbed it on actually lol a qtip and put it all around the gum then when that wore off i kept putting ANBESOL(GEL) not the liquid it doesnt work trut me, thewn after a few hours of doing this and brushing with alot i mean alot of that toothpaste on the tooth that bothers u u should feel it subsiding it does take time cause with pain when it gets out of control it is hard to get it back under control
good luckc let me know hoe u are i am fine now just cheek a little soar going thrusday to the dentist am i vacation now so i am lucky ti woirked
lol always janymak

Inactive 19 Apr 2011

Yeah! That was my idea! Glad it's helped.

caringsonbj 18 Apr 2011

it's best to see the dentist but I know I have to have medication before they do anything due to a problem I developed from birth with Immune system. one they use is amoxicillin and another is Keflex, depends on what the problem is. free discount card

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