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What mdications are used after a gastric bypass surgery?

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Marvell 19 Nov 2009

It would depend on your symptoms... if you were in pain then you would be given pain relief. Other than that I don't think any other medicine is given long term, unless you have any other gastric symptoms.

The link below may be useful.

dealfrank2005 27 Feb 2010

Actually, there are a couple of medications that your doctor may prescribe after you have your gastric bypass. Most physicians make you take Actigall for the 6-12 weeks. It is a medication that helps your gall bladder and reduce any chances of you developing them post-surgery. You will also be required to take chewable vitamins twice a day (for the rest of your life) and some patients have to take an extra dose of Vitamin B12 if their levels are low. Your doctor should provide you with medication to help with pain but I found that I did not need to use it that often. free discount card

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