in my right breast theres a knot the size of ping pong ball. any time i do any physical activity that makes me use my arms (the right one mostly) it swells up turns purple and feels like fire. then it will rupture like a boil. mostly white stuff comes out but sometimes green and even yellow. sometimes it has a realy bad smell and others thers no smell at all. the doctors here have cultured it and squeezed it and tortured me half to death with no answers to give besides that it not cancer. the problem started just after i got pregnant with my second child. 5 years ago. iv seen 13 doctors (surgeons<- ?) and none of them think its relevant that my mother suffers from the same ailment. please if there is a doc out there who is interested in the weird and unexplainable please email me and i will send all my medical records from all my doctors and all my test results. i just want an answer. or just someone willing to try to give me one. thank you all for listening.