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What level of controlled substance is adderall?

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ladylily5 23 Dec 2010

Schedule II (2) controlled substance - same level as cocaine and morphine and for good reason!
Be very careful with this drug. It has been equated to crack-cocaine and meth, only legal.

Kelcritcarroll 24 Sep 2017

If you don't have ADHD or ADD problems it will effect you and make you feel speedy. If you have the condition it actually will slow you down and keep you focused... I've never took more than prescribed or cared to... but a little get up and go in the am is probably fine for people, why not if you don't abuse it and it won't hurt you, it may make you perform better on your job. I get more nervous on coffee than Adderall

Littlebit0417 9 Feb 2018

It is actually amphetamine salts. It's a stimulant.

However, if you have ADD of ADHD, it acts as the opposite of a stimulant. It actually helps some people with ADD get some sleep. It is not to be abused, and if it affects you in such a way that "hypes you up" or makes you feel high, you should not be taking it or are taking too much.

zev51104 23 Dec 2010

It is a schedule II controlled substance, and yes this is also in the same class as cocaine, but when used correctly, it is nothing even comparable to meth or crack. Even if used recreationally you wouldn't get any feeling other than what i would describe as a huge caffeine rush without the crash and more umph behind it. Dont get me wrong, it is dangerous stuff and can mess with bp and heart rate, but dont get pulled onto the bandwagon going aroung preaching how its nothing more than legal crack or meth, its not! It has saved my life and others will say the same.

sean and kim 13 Jan 2011

i am a tool adie maker i take 30 mg for work and 30 mg show i can do thing with my kid because i work nights my doctor tryed to switch me to provigaln that is crap it dosent even start to work he could have killed me all because iwas going out of town for the holidaya and needed my script early . his nurse acted like i was a drug addict and i got my script of adderal two more times. then i got into it with her again over somethin g else . my doctor cut me off for no reason after 4 month of 60mg a day no worning . adderall saved me i had to use 2 weeks personal time till i could grt back into another sleep doctor. but i will take everything better with this new doctor and i will get my med back i had to take only 30mg to stay awake at work and sleep the rest of the time to get my med to make it. but i will tell u i hope my old doctor has alot of money my lawers says u just cant cut some one off that many mg because i could die at work but my baby girl will b set. so u people who think it just another acuse 4 people to take drugs pull ur head out of you ass

ceeceecee 3 Mar 2015

When used as prescribed, Adderall can be a life-saving medication. This is particularly true for adults with diagnosed ADD and for those adults who need but cannot tolerate antidepressant medications. When I read comments that blast such medications I am utterly appalled.

Kelcritcarroll 24 Sep 2017

I agree 100%

megan8973 3 Sep 2014 free discount card

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