I went to see my doctor last friday and asked him for a pain killer medication because I was in a lot of pain due to having shingles. But when I saw my doctor he had a frustrated look on his face and wasn't in a good mood that day. He told me he refuses to give me a pain killer medication because he doesn't want me to get addicted to it plus
the drug would cause drowsiness and I would have to take this drug in intervals.
He doesn't want to be responsible if something happens to me. Now, I still have a lot of pain in my lower back due to having Shingles. My rash is gone now but the pain is still there every morning and evening. Any advice from the members would be nice. Then he told me that he can't help me anymore and I need to see a neurologist. I asked him who does he recommend? He told me he doesn't know anyone but will print me off a list of
doctors I can see. Then he told me if I do see a specialist its going to cost me a lot of money.

I hate being in pain all the time. Now I am left to going back to taking Benadryl Allergy
medication which doesn't work very well anymore. I am trying to not take very much
medication because it has caused side effects for me.