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What kind of exercises can I do to relieve lower back pain with pain in left hip and shin?

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Inactive 28 Jul 2011

I am going to answer your question with a question. Have you been to a doctor to find out what is causing your pain?. Pain is a symptom not a diagnosis. You would need to know what is causing the pain before anyone including a doctor could suggest any exercise to alleviate your pain. Some conditions could be aggravated by exercise rather than be helped. Lower back, hip ,& shin pain can indicate several condtions one of which could be a sciatic nerve problem, a slipped disc, etc. Some exercises could actually make certain conditions worse. So my suggestion would be to see your physician first, & then when you have a diagnosis, anyone on here would be happy to suggest exercises to help. Stretching, & yoga at this point would be the only things I would suggest... free discount card

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