I was recently changed from my antidepressant Celexa to Cymbalta 60mg to treat both depression and fibromalygia, as this drug is approved to treat both conditions. I first started it about 5 weeks ago at full dose, so I have given it plenty of time. However, I'm not happy with it for depression, and am curious to see what others' experiences are. I was previously on Celexa, and though it wasn't working like it used to, I feel it worked better than Cymbalta.

I'm not "depressed" in the sense that I'm sad, crying, or technically unhappy. My problem since getting on Cymbalta is a major feeling of apathy, lack of internal drive, lack of interest in social life, no enjoyment in activities that I previous liked, etc. I'm on work leave because of seizure management and a shoulder injury, but I am able to focus on small tasks, and do the house work and clean/organize our home -- though these small things take me an entire day, as I lose focus and don't do it all at once.

Side effects: the medication also makes me absolutely exhausted -- I've tried taking it in the morning, at night, etc. I get different side effects at different times of the day -- taking it at anytime except bedtime causes severe nausea and headaches; therefore bedtime it is, so I battle insomnia (not too bad anymore). No matter what, even on 12 hours of sleep, I'm always exhausted and completely apathetic. I feel like I don't enjoy much of anything, I've lost interest in fun, in life. This is obviously a symptom of depression -- not sure if I should give this more time, as antidepressants can take up to 4-8 weeks for complete effectiveness, but I'd prefer not to waste any more time on a drug that doesn't work for me.

What has anyone else experienced in terms of effectiveness of Cymbalta for depression, and side effects? Length of time (for efficacy & for side efffects to subside, if relevant)?