i have a six year old son with behavior problems and i dont know what to do. he gets kicked out of school all the time and they recently started calling the truancy officer when he gets in trouble. hes always been hard to deal with, but its getting worse. half the time i dont even know what sets him off. it could be when someone tells him no or if he thinks something isnt fair. he starts screaming kicking and punching and throwing things.he usually doesnt do that at home though. its mostly at school. he does throw fits at home, but nothing like at school. weve seen a psychiatrist twice. the first time he prescribed concerta. we looked it up and decided not to do it, so he prescribed risperdal, and i dont want to do that either. But, were desperate to do something. we just need to know whats wrong with him but all the drs seem to want to do is write prescriptions. he was on tenex a while back but it just made him sleep all the time. Please help us. I dont know what to do