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What is used for a spinal compound fracture(best pain medication)?

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Anonymous 12 Aug 2010

I would assume if you have a spinal compound fracture, it was diagnosed by a Dr., correct? What did the Dr. give you for pain? I am sure it is very uncomfortable and especially when moving around, depending on the part of your spine affected, but I cannot imagine the Dr. not giving you some sort of narcotic if you are suffering. I would ask for percocet if you are not used to taking pain medications. That should alleviate the pain and if only used for a relatively short period of time, you should not have any problems with addiction to it, as long as you take it as the Dr. prescribed. If you need something that is longer acting, ie. something that will keep you pain free for more than 4 hrs. or so, so that you aren't taking a medication every 4-6 hours, then maybe morphine sulfate is something he would prescribe. You need to let your Dr. know the extent of your pain and find out how long it is going to take for this to heal and then he should be able to prescribe the correct medication for your pain. If you have something that painful, i can't imagine anyone sending you home and telling you to take Ibuprofen, but since I do not know the specifics of your injury, it is hard to know how long it will be before fracture heals and how long you will continue to be in pain. Anyway, the two drugs i mentioned are just a guess, as I don't know where your injury is, or how long you have had it, if you are on bed rest, etc. so talk with your physician and if he did not give you something that is helping your pain, you can certainly mention the drugs i mentioned depending on what the situation actually is, but be sure you speak to the Dr. before taking anything. If this was something diagnosed at an emergency room and you do not have a regular physician, i would suggest you find one right away. Best of luck and i hope you heal quickly and the pain is under control soon.

subuser31 12 Aug 2010

Hey there, so I would say probably percocet, or oxycodone. I am thinking if it is a pretty bad one maybe some norco 10 instead. It depends what your tolerance levels are. What is the recovery time on this fracture? free discount card

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