I keep seeing this as one of the dermatological side effects for Levothyroxine. And I keep seeing that it is noticed within the first few months of treatment.

1. What is "transient dermatologic effect?"
2. What are the symptoms?
3. Does it go away after the first few months or are you plagued with it forever?
4. How do you treat it?

I ask because I have been taking levothyroxine for three months and have had a strange "redness" to my skin for the past two months (I have olive skin and have never had any redness). The redness covers my whole body is is very subtle most of the time. Most people would not notice it unless it were at its worst. I am also itchy all over. The reddness and itchiness worsens in the sun or if I get warm from going outside. I believe this is related to the levothyroxine since it takes the levo a few weeks to get into your system and actually start working. I have never had issues with anything remotely similar to this prior to taking this med. I do not notice any signs of over medication other than increased hunger. I have noticed a very small increase in energy but not much else.

I appreciate your time and assistance.