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What is thomas recipe?

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Anonymous 28 Jan 2012

Hi annabellexyz,
The Thomas recipe is a diary and a list of vitamins and over the counter & RX medications that help with Opiate medication withdrawal.
"Thomas" listed what worked for him while doing a cold turkey withdrawal off opiates, and how he felt during this difficult time.
Best wishes to you.

Sic6220 4 Oct 2012

To me the Thomas recipe is a tool to help with the withdrawals and make them less painful. This recipe will not get you off the killers... You have to make that choice your self ! The recipe will help with the (WD's) the only thing I did and would add to it is Icy Hot in my book it was a big help.. I would also make a journal put the day time sec if you want. So you can look back at this and remember what it was like and why you wouldn't do it again... I can truly say I know what it felt like and trust me I wanted the pain of the WD's to go away and they will go away just give it "ONE MORE DAY" ... The WD's are painful but give your body the chance to get rid of the killers in your system and that one more day might be a life saver. I went from 4 horrible days of WD's to not feeling to bad.. I gave the Thomas recipe 100 stars for the help it gave me... But remember it's up to you to make the leap.. Give it a chance to work and you will feel free again... Good luck to you I know you can do it !!! It might not feel that way but give it "ONE MORE DAY". free discount card

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