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What is this white round pill with < A > imprint on one side and scored ( - ) on reverse side only?

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Cats Meow 27 Dec 2009

This is so vague, just "A scored" that I'm hesitant to answer, it kind of depends on the font of the "A", and you don't mention if its foreign, plus there's other factors. An imprint this vague is almost unidentifiable, don't expect an answer, just throw/flush them away.

a edgar 28 Dec 2009

thanks cats meow for replying,
I was informed that tablets were cheap paracetamol from supermarket but have my doubts. The back sided scores were not uniform. ie some vertical, some horizontal and some diagonal. The font was a clear capital A with < and > either side.

Cats Meow 29 Dec 2009

Since you said "paracetamol" that tells me you're probably from the UK, knowing that, it's why I'm not finding your imprint, the database only has US and some Canadian. Well, you found it out anyhow. The <A> appears to be TESCO brand. free discount card

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