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What is this pill - with 'safe' imprint?

Answers (2)

Plain Jane 4 May 2011

This seems to be (from other posters) generic Ambien (Zolpidem) from the Asian region. Unfortunately we don't have asian pill data resources to enable an id of this pill.

swheasle 5 May 2011

If your pill is white, I think PJ is correct. I feel like I've seen a green capsule marked "SAFE" (in white letters, I think) that contains something harmless . . . In about 16 hours I should be able to look at the book I think that reference is in (Drug ID Bible 2010, if anybody else has that book and can get to it before I will).

It might not have been "SAFE" though.

swheasle 5 May 2011

I guess it wasn't SAFE that I was thinking of. I can't find it. Sounds like Zolpidem might be your best guess.

Inactive 5 May 2011

I also came up with zolpidem. Jane is right.

Take care ,

gibsonlady2011 5 May 2011

Glad I looked at this question as I had posted a similar one. Glad to know that it's zolpidem/Ambien. Thanks. free discount card

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