Here is a strange one. My sister has been acting a bit strange lately. She came by my house tonight and I noticed a ziplock bag with pills in her purse. I decided to take one out of the bag. When she left I looked it up and it said it was Omeprazole... For Reflux. I found it odd. #1- I have never heard capsules make that much noise when you shake them. When I opened the capsule a bunch of tiny Pills came out. Or at least that is what it looked like. I talk to my sister everyday and she has never once mentioned any condition at all that would warrant these pills. #2- They are in a Ziplock bag and I saw that there were empty baggies. I really hope I am being paranoid. I have never heard of a doctor prescribing pills in a ziplock. I love my sister very much and I am not being nosey. I am very genuinely concerned. Can anyone at all help me with this... I would so very much appreciate it..