I have asked this in many places, but found no answer. I submit this as the answer in hopes the search engines will find it and help others:

Peach colored oval pill with I200/P10 is Advil Congestion Relief – 200mg of Ibuprofen and 10mg Phenylephrine hence I200/P10, NOT 1200P10. I am holding package and pill in hand. I also found a pill on the floor, searched everywhere until I saw an image of this pill on the front of the box, and opened it to be sure. The box is on my desk. I am 100% positive. Here maybe the explanation as to why this is a mystery pill and not in any data base on the Internet (get your magnifying glass for this one): The text is in a non-serif font, so the first character is a capital letter “I” not a digit one, don’t skip the very faint “/” between them. So, the label is to be read as “Ibuprofen 200 mg and”/” Phenylephrine 10. You would think Pfizer would have looked at the label and picked a font with serifs to make it clear!

Please excuse my improper use of this space.