It is a dark orange, oval shaped pill, it seems to be coated. It has just "20" imprinted on it, but the imprint is not very clear - the coating covers it. (The numbers are indented on the pill, not a different color, and looking at multiple pills, they all look the same). My step-son brought his prescription bottle for Singulair to my home and this pill is in the bottle, along with Singulair and Loretadine pills (that I was able to identify). He says he doesn't know the name of it, but it's for his allergies. I'm reluctant to let him take something I don't know what it is, but then again also don't want to keep him from taking his medication that he should be taking. His mother's response is that it is "none of my business" what medications he's taking and just to have him take them. The child's father is out of town on business and can't get the issue resolved without taking the child's mother to court to get the judge to order her to tell us what pills are in the bottle. In addition to the Singulair and Loretadine, he also takes Advair and Flonase. He does have VERY severe allergies that can leave him in the emergency room with difficulty breathing if not treated properly.