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What is this pill - blue oval with ''V15" imprint?

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15 Feb 2010

I have been unable to find any information about your pill. Is it possible your pill is foreign, a natural product or dietary supplement? Is there any more detail you can add? or have you been able to find an answer to your question elsewhere? Let me know.

Otherwise, can you please re-check the imprint or maybe your local pharmacy could assist you.

I've seen a couple of people asking about this now on various forums however no id as yet.

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22 Jun 2010

Yes this pill that is blue and oval with v15 on it is a pain relief and night time sleep aid. It found at the local dollar tree it is an off brand sleeping pill.

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Dee420 28 Sep 2010

You are right!! It is Family Dollar!! Extra Strength Pain RelieverPM!! Its the BEST PM pill!! Ive taken all the PM pills, none have worked!!

27 Jul 2010

This pill is the new generic vicodin es 10ml. it is given for moderate to severe pain. you do need a prescription for this medication. please contact a doctor before taking this. it is a strong narcotic and one may overdose from this medication.

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realmd2010 27 Jul 2010

yes i agree. it definately is not a sleeping pill, it is the new generic vicodin es 10ml. tylenol pm says tylenol pm on the pill. they are similar in shape but say totally different things on them. i recently had back surgery and was prescribed this by my doctor. i have taken lortab in the past and feel like this vicodin is helping a lot better. if it is blue with v15 on one side and nothing on the other it is a vicodin es 10 ml.

Dee420 28 Sep 2010

Its a sleep aid!! Family Dollar brand!!

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