Hello , At 2008 while visiting in India (Rishikesh) , i was badly hitted by bus window and got a severe blow to the head, which swelled, polluted and the inflammation has spread to the area of the cheeks, forehead and eyes, and was full of pus. I suffered from 39 fever , dizzy,over sweatinig and chills. At local pharmacy without a prescription, by pharmacist recommendation, I bought a yellow pill, eliptic capsule shaped,embedded in black lettering. The pill was yellow colored (only 1 color - very similar to Macrodantin look ),"shiny capsule "(not matte ) placed wrapped in silver ractangular outer packaging. The only half- clear sign I remember, it was written on the silver cover " lactam(?)acid 8 gram ". Pls help me to find out what was the name of this drug? It really assisted me back then .Kind regards, Liana