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What is the usual starting dose for depression?

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itsmetoo2 4 Mar 2010

For what drug?All drugs are different.

keithwfisher 4 Mar 2010

I'm sorry,I thought the drug would be on the page. My son is taking zoloft 200 mg. q day, and wellbutrin sr 150 mg. bid. His Dr. just added Invega 3 mg. His diagnosis is major depression,a.d.d., and remains profoundly depressed. His first Invega dose has sedated him profoundly. They said it was a 'mood stabilizer'. but is an anti psychotic for schizophrenia. What gives?

itsmetoo2 4 Mar 2010

How old is your son? If under 13 this is allot of medication. Maybe a second opinion???

till33 4 Mar 2010

i need to know a little more before i can answer but usually they start you on the lowest dose of any drug at first.

keithwfisher 4 Mar 2010

my son is 27 and weighs 300 lbs

JohnySmith 4 Mar 2010

I think you should specify the drug you are going to take

missy2 4 Mar 2010

i've been on this site for a short time and i respect the knowledge & privacy of it memberes i've never seen this done before but maybe MARVEL or PSYCHMAJOR or BARBLES2413 could answer your question or talk with you, i know you & your doctor have the final word on what is done for you son, but something in my heart felt for you and i feel you need all the information you can have when you talk with the your doctor. praying i haven't done the wrong thing and i still be allowed to be apart of this group.missy2

keithwfisher 4 Mar 2010

What a kind and tender response. Thank you for your compassion. I detected a Christian slant to your answer/ I believe that meds. are an incomplete answer. God is the answer, however my son has been very damaged by the world and must use every answer,and in this case medication and therapy. If I could love him well I would. Thanks

Sideffects2 5 Mar 2010

Be very careful with this mixture of medicines. Insist that the Dr. listen to you if your son doesn't speak about how he feels. It's a shame that so many of us have to suffer because the Dr. don't know either and our children are the guinea pigs in this Phara maze. Good Luck! free discount card

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