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What is the usual dose for insomnia?

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Anonymous 15 Oct 2011

Hello mwaterbury. You forgot to mention the name of the drug that you're asking about.

Anonymous 15 Oct 2011

Twould help!

mwaterbury 15 Oct 2011

Sorry - i was on a page describing Neurontin, thought that would convey. Looking for the usual dosage of Neurontin for insomnia. Would also like to know the incidence of side effects. Thanks.

Anonymous 15 Oct 2011

Neurotin or gabe[pemton is a seizure drug that is also used for pain control & other conditions. I have not read or heard of it being used for insommnia. The usual starting dose for pain is 300 mg. It is increased as the side effects can make you dizzy, & wozzy, in increments of 300mg until you reach a dose that seems to relieve pain. My husband takes 1800mg a day. Over time, used for insmmnia, I would think you'd find it is not the greatest drug. I have heard horror sotries about Ambien, so please do not use that! I personally use xanax. I started with the dose of.5mg in 1992 & am currently at 3mg at night. Have you tried taking up to 75mg of bena dryl? It will make you sleepy too It's the med in tylenol PM. That's is what my husband uses. The benadryl is an allergy med, & many times docs reccomend if for sleep. I hope this has been of some help to you. & welcome to our site. ... If you have any more questions would be more than happy to help.

Anonymous 15 Oct 2011

Sorry for the typos. Had hand surgery. It should have been gabepentin the generic for neurotin. Thanks. Mary

maximus99 16 Oct 2011

It truly varies. The first time I took it,I rolled off the bed and fell on the floor like silly putty.

mwaterbury 16 Oct 2011

Maximus99: How much were you taking when you rolled off the bed?

maximus99 16 Oct 2011

Was age 25 and took 600mg. free discount card

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