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What is the usual dosage of zantac?

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marjorie zych 4 Dec 2010

Zantac can go as high as 300mg once a day. There is 150mg you can take 1-2x per day and there is the 300mg you can take once per day. Hope this info helps you, marjorie zych

Macco1721 4 Dec 2010

Thanks for the help!

marjorie zych 4 Dec 2010

Your welcome and I am glad I was able to help I try anyway I don't know everything but I do my best, take care, marjorie zych

Sacosam 5 Dec 2010

Hi Margie; how ya' doin' good to know your still around ! ! ! Sacosam (;->)

marjorie zych 6 Dec 2010

Can't get rid of me that easy Saco. Take care bro, PM you later marjorie zych

oxyaaron 7 Dec 2010

most standerd dosages are 75mgs but the highest ive seen is 150mg but marjorie said up to 300mg which i aint dounting her but iver never seen a 300mg zantac.

Studfinder 23 Dec 2010

Most over the counter dosage begins with 75 mg tablets, but it can be prescribed at units of 200 mg or so, depending on the condition and the doctor's prescription. free discount card

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