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What is the typical treatment duration for suboxone? When should you start weaning off suboxone?

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Naleek2 12 Aug 2009

Its truely up to you and your doctor. From my experience with knowing people who have been on suboxone, as well as myself it has seemed to be somewhere between 3 months and 2 years. And that is for the maintanence program with suboxone. Suboxone can also be used as a "detox" drug which detoxing usually takes 3 to 7 days depending on your body, the type of drug you had been taking, how much and how long you have been taking the drug. It depends on alot of different things on how long you "need" to be on suboxone. Suboxone, if perscribed as a maintanence program to get off of narcotics that are being abused is used to help an addict work on his/her thinking with a program of the addicts choosing while not having to worry about cravings, withdrawal and other symptoms (that can last up to a year, depending on the person and type of drug), as well as learning to manage pain. If suboxone has been perscribed to an addict b/c they are physically and mentally addicted to an opiate, then there is alot more work to do besides taking away the addicts D.O.C. (drug of choice). Addiction is a disease that will always be there, by the drug being taken out of the addicts body it does not mean the addict will automatically get better. As an addict, I can say that my thinking is truely messed up. I had gotten clean from opiates for a few months a few different times then would always go back knowing I may experience severe withdrawal symptoms from my use of opiates. I had always gone back to my DOC b/c I didn't know how to deal with real life everyday things with out becomming so incredibly stressed over it that I wanted to use. Once I had that urge to use, since I had no true sober support, I would go and use! I can say now with working a program, having a true sober support network that I may soon be ready to come off the suboxone after 6 months. Everyone is different as well as every situation. I have people who are there for me who have great sobriety (meaning years of working a program and being completely abstinent from all narcotics and illegal drugs) I know these people will be there for me when I do have those stuggles with out the help of suboxone taking my cravings away. I also have faith in my higher power as I understand him. And with my higher power and my awesome support group I know that I still will struggle but I now have true faith in my fellowship of support and strength. I know that I can not recover from my disease of addiction but I can most deffinitly be in recovery with my fellow supporters and now new friends for the rest of my life, and there is no need for me to ever pick up again as long as I keep using my day to day tools. So once again I will say that the time which you truely need to be on suboxone is up to you and your doctor.

Cybercake 20 Jan 2012

I was prescribed Suboxone 8 years and I asked my new doc to wean me off of it. 8 years, I was told, was a LONG time to be on Suboxone. He subesquently started my taper, which involved going from 8mg per day to 4 mg per day for six months; then even if I take 2mg even sporadically, the yawns and body aches and fitful sleeping return. What to do?

Robert_325 12 Aug 2009

Suboxone should be used to get you off your opiate drug of choice. It's meant for detox not for years of use. That's why people end up on the forum begging for help to get off. It's a good medication but it's an opiate. Here is a link explaining how we suggest using subs on the forum. This is what has proven to work best not using it in ridiculously high (over 8mg) doses and long periods of time. free discount card

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