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What is the strongest xanax produced?

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Psychmajor 21 Jan 2010

3 MG im pretty sure but i never saw it in the pharmacy i worked at.

oktoday 21 Jan 2010
teal 21 Jan 2010

they have 3mg,but rarely EVER given to a patient,in my state anyway. when i was see a psychiatrist,he flipped out to find i was on 2mg 3x a day,and couldnt believe that they gave me that,and said i'd have to be in a hospital to go off those,i mean,he was actually angry,lol,but i need them,truly,i have suffered the worst panic attacks,and it got to the point i couldnt leave my house,once on those,things have been "normal" for me,whatever normal is,lol. ok,3mg is the answer.

oktoday 25 Jan 2010

People with panic disorder may require as much as 10mg a day. Thats seems like alot but the average is 3-6mg a day for panic. The 3mg is is er version once a day and believe me xanax is the only benzo that work for my panic disorder and that god I do have a doctor that will and understand and prescribe it.One shoe doesnt fil all sizes. Just like some people sugars go sky high and some dont. I seen people on low doses do fine and higher do fine with panic disorder. 2mg of xanax is not a lot but he problem is its short acting thats why they starting to make the time release. Some of the top psychiatrist in he field have said xanax is one of the best medicine for panic disorder.

teal 25 Jan 2010

what you say is right!! here psychiatrist,doctors rarely give out xanax,or any other narcotic for that matter,but i live in a very small town,only a few hundred ppl,3 stores,library,post office,that's it,to go any store,mall,you drive an hour or more,anyway,about 80% of ppl in my town abuse drugs,so the doctors are very causious,and drug test you all the time,but like you,thank god my doctor knows me well,and did give me xanax because that's the only thing that worked for me,and severe panic attacks are so debilitating,and when my psychiatrist wanted to take me off,i went to another therapist,it's really crazy here when it comes to meds,but like i have always said,xanax is my miracle med,seriously because i got to the point i couldnt even leave my own home,but now with the xanax i function just fine(knock on wood,lol). I didnt actually know they had a 3mg,until i looked it up here,i thought the highest was 2mg.

uniquepainter66 25 Jan 2017

I don't know of any physician that would prescribed the 3 mg Xanax Bars. I get the 2mg bars and if you take a whole bar, plan on sleeping for quite a while. I break them into thirds on the scoreline. I found this to be a powerful medication. I don't think they can prescribe the 3 mg. Anymore. My Dr. claims they no longer are available in Michigan.

Patricia wiliama 23 Oct 2017

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