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What is the reaction between oxycodone and methadone?

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mpvt 30 Apr 2010

these two drugs would never be prescribed together as the methadone would block the oxycodone as it does with all opiates. the only thing accomplished by taking these two drugs together is an overdose and death... Dave

how long 30 Apr 2010

mpvt, I know a guy that goes to the same place as I do, and I could NOT BELIEVE what they were giving him! Of course I just started, but I would never take anything like he's taking.

10mg Methadone 5x a day on top of 15mg of Roxicodone 4x a day!

I thought this was dangerous? I think this is insane especially with him because he is nothing but a druggy that abuses his medication and one of these day's he is going to meet his maker!

I don't know the guy personally but he was bragging and showing off to everyone of what he does and gets.

mpvt 30 Apr 2010

typical asshole that screws it up for everyone else. The oxycodone is virtually useless when you're taking methadone. So this asshole is likely selling the oxycodone. Hopefully the doctor will read up on methadone and realize that the guy is making look like a fool and using him as a drug dealer... They always screw themselves in the end especially when the retard is openly bragging..Best thing to do is ignore it and maybe mention to the doctor that some asshole out in the lobby is laughing at his doctor because he is over prescribing him... Dave

how long 1 May 2010

mpvt, I had thought about telling my Dr. because it pisses me off that this guy gets these meds, on top of him saying that he has a wonderful job as well? I wonder what that might be? (I guess it is not my place to say anything... but man oh man). This really irritates me to no end because I am on disability and can't seem to get a decent Dr. to hardly right me anything. I have never had any problems with drug testing... He77, what do you do? The more I think about it, the madder I get and it pisses me off even more. It's "prick heads" like this that hurts ALL of us, and his Dr. should know better if he is a damned Dr.?

Well, I guess what goes around comes around, and I am sure he will get his, eventually! It will catch up with him sooner or later.

Good talking to ya mpvt! Have a Great Weekend All!

mpvt 1 May 2010

you to... thanks... Dave free discount card

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