Hello all... I am a new member and let me begin by saying what a relief it is to to know that I'm not alone after all and that there are others out there that really do understand what I'm going thru! Needless to say I am addicted to pain pills. After years of trying everything under the sun to quit, I found what I refer to as my miracle pill..suboxone. Only problem is I do not have a script or a Dr. I have no insurance so I get them thru other people. I realize this is "using behavior" and I'm not proud of it, but I truly never thought I would ever again experience any semblance of a life and that is just what subs have given back to me..a good and way more decent life. I have been taking 8 mg for about 4 months and now I desperately want to take that final scary step toward my goal which is to be free of all this. But I have no idea how to begin SAFELY tapering down and I am terrified of the withdraw, not just the physical but the mental/emotional as well. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!