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What is the price of seroquel and is it available in generic?

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ashlw 11 Apr 2011

The price of Seroquel depends on the place where it is dispensed, but generally, it is more than $200 even for a small to moderate dose, even at the cheapest places I could find. Currently, due to patent protection, there is no generic version of the pill. The internet will come up with results saying "generic seroquel", but these are just using the name, quetiapine fumarate, and are not an actual generic version of the drug.

The patent for "Seroquel XR" does not run out until May of 2017, or later if they extend their patent, so don't look for the generic to come out any time soon. Although it was the BEST medication for both my bipolar and insomnia, I ended up having to stop taking it because of the high cost, even with a discount card for $75. Unless you have good insurance, AstraZeneca will drain you for every penny you have to dispense this medication.

Inactive 11 Apr 2011

And hello nanabej. The answer that ashlw gave is right on. I was on it for almost three years or so, and the cost factor, even with insurance, was very high. My dr. changed my medication because of the cost. There are programs, that will help individuals who qualify, to receive medication at no cost. seroquel, was a tremendous help for me, as I am an insomniac. I hope that you begin to feel better, regardless of the medication you may be taking or plan to take. Goodbye, regards from

hope316 18 Apr 2011

The price depends on if you have insurance, and if so, what your specific coverage specifies. I was paying a $30 co-pay for the 300mg (regular Seroquel, not Seroquel XR), but it would have been over $300 if I didn't have insurance...
Unfortunately, it does not have a generic available right now.

You may consider asking your doctor if it would be ok for you to split a higher dosage in half, thereby giving you a 2 month supply for the cost of 1 month... For instance, if you're taking 100mg, you could be prescribed the 200mg and split it in half. (This only works, though, if you're taking the regular - not the XR, and if it's a tablet - not a capsule)

YHarlan 3 Jun 2011

The cost of seroquel is seems almost criminal! Before I finally got on SSI I was getting samples from my doctor and then Astra Zenaca gave me it for free after dealing with a lot of paperwork. I take 1200mg per day and the cost is $2400 a month. When I got on Medicare and found a medicare complete program through United Health Care they worked with a social services co-ordinator so that I didn't have to pay for it during the donut hole period. Seroquel came off of patent in Canada but I was scared to go that way for fear it would not be as effective. You can go to the Astra Zenaca website and see if you can get help there. I found that you have to be dirt poor to get help and not on medicare part D. Good Luck free discount card

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